LoizosHouse is a pioneering furniture company and manufacturer founded in 1993 with an aim to give both a neoclassical and innovative aspect in decoration.

The transport and placement of products is charged accoding to the local post code with our own means.

Alternatively, shipments to Greece are supported by cooperation with specialized shipping agencies with charge after advance payment by the customer, that is determined according to the products of the order, which is fully refunded after the return of the products.

For more information visit the terms of use.

Ways of possible payment that LoizosHouse company supports, are by debit or credit card, deposit at a bank account or the full payment at the store in cash (all of the above are applied only for the code products listed on our website). For custom order confirmation, the prepayment of 30% of the total price of the order is required and the full payment of the rest 70% must be made two days before the delivery of the order.

For on-line orders, you just have to follow the on-line order form which is specially designed for your easier assistance.

Another way to place your order is to communicate with our store.

LoizosHouse furniture is manufactured exclusively in Greece, complying with the quality and material-technical instrastructure of the European specifications (e.g. ecological colours, wood with low moisture etc.)

Damaged product will be repaired by LOIZOS HOUSE with a minimum charge. In case of total destruction, it must be paid according to the company’s pricelist, posted on the site.

Of course you can! Our company can materialize any wood and metallic manufacture, as long as you follow the special custom order form. This way we can give you the suitable offer.

Loizos House, undertakes to send furniture outside Greece in cooperation with shipping agencies. These agencies have specialized staff that pack and transfer your furniture with safety. The customer is charged extra for deliveries outside Greece and the final cost is calculated according to the cubic metre of the package and the postcode.

Products that have been ordered are reserved for your event and therefore no refund will aply as well if they cannot be delivered due to weather weather conditions or inability to reach the destination.

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