who we are

LoizosHouse is a pioneering furniture company and manufacturer founded in 1993 with an aim to give both a neoclassical and innovative aspect in decoration.

From the beginning in the field of furniture, Loizos House is specialized in designing furnitures of all types. Our specially trained staff and the technology of our machines, has made us one of the best furniture companies! Having worked with many furniture renting companies for manufacturing in Greece and Australia, we have moved ahead into the market with a rich resume, good aesthetics and created pieces that you easily like on Printerest but are hard to find!

Focus on Quality

Our customers should know that they are not just addressing to a rental company, but also a manufacturing one, that can create furniture in every design you want. What others do not have, we make it, we rent it and keep it for our collection! We address to those who want to develop their aesthetic level of their event but in affordable prices. The best way is to be aware of your oder 4 months before and an estimated number of guests so that we can keep the products in the quantity you are interested in!

The best seller of our company is our monastery tables, something we have become experts at. But what makes us different in the market is our variety of arches and backgrounds up to 3 meters high made of solid wood only!

Our factory

LoizosHouse furniture is manufactured exclusively in Greece, complying with the quality and material-technical infrastructure of the European specifications (e.g. ecological colours, wood with low moisture etc.)