In our complete Wedding Planning Checklist, you will discover everything you need to know to really make your big day happen. Maybe you are working on a budget for wedding planning, or perhaps you just like all of the DIY possibilities – either way, there are plenty of additional details, but you can have your dream wedding planned all by yourself. To help, we came up with a few low-cost, DIY wedding ideas for the budget.

If you have the space in your wedding budget, you will want to hire a wedding planner or coordinator very early on in the planning timeline. Have a game plan in place for professionals like your photographer, videographer, caterer, florist, band or DJ, and a wedding day planner (if you are willing to work with one!). From organizing your seating chart to set up a realistic wedding budget, you will have all the knowledge you need to plan your dream wedding.

Say “I do” to this great 101-tips list for planning your wedding on a budget, which shows how small adjustments in the planning of the wedding day can save hundreds of dollars over the long haul. Setting a wedding budget is no fun for a bride or groom, but it is something that makes life easier when you are deeper into planning your wedding. Plus, having a realistic wedding budget helps you to avoid spending too much and also helps to outline ways you can save.

Finding clever ways to reduce costs and put your DIY skills to work can help make planning your wedding on a tight budget completely feasible. Your guest list drives your wedding budget (and vice versa), and the number of loved ones you invite to your wedding will also help dictate many other decisions, such as your wedding venue. Your wedding date, venue and venue, budget, and style are all essential factors to be aware of when contacting multiple wedding professionals.

You do not have to nail your wedding date that early in the process, but it is useful to narrow down the seasons and months that are potentially available for you to host the wedding. If a couple is looking to save up for the wedding day or takes their time in the planning process, then the longer the engagement period, the better, whereas some couples are ready to begin planning as soon as they are engaged. If you are going on a honeymoon immediately following the wedding, then you are going to have to squeeze in a lot more planning into your schedule.

If you are having a smaller wedding, you need to make sure that you have the framework of where and when your wedding is going to take place, who is going to be invited, and what kind of menu and entertainment you would like. Once you have got the vision that is driving your big day, you are ready to book a date and book the venue. Once engaged, you and your partner need to get connected to all of the right tools and services that make your online wedding planning process as seamless as possible.

As we hope you can see by now, planning your own wedding with just the right amount of organizing is certainly possible, and — dare we say it — fun. Involving your future family members in the planning process is not only a positive thing for you, it also helps create new bonds. Leaning on your family to help make your wedding day reality is not only beneficial, but your family will also enjoy being involved in the wedding planning process.

Of course, you will want to have the help of your bridesmaids on your wedding day to ensure that everything goes smoothly; but you may want to enlist their help earlier on in the planning process. Even if you are only six to three months from your wedding, you can still plan an unforgettable celebration, but you might need to be a little flexible about what you want. Our Ultimate Wedding Checklist All of the essential things that you will need to get right for an amazing wedding day.