If the venue you have chosen is an awesome banquet room with soaring ceilings, or a shed with tall, exposed beams, decorating the massive space for your reception will require some specific planning. If you are looking for ways to have an environmentally-friendly wedding, you should start by finding a venue that offers outdoor spaces, this will help to reduce your energy costs, and you will most likely be able to take advantage of the beauty of your surroundings to reduce the number of decorations and flowers that you will need. If you are having your wedding in a unique location or outdoor location, you may want to work with your catering company to have the bar set up near your ceremony site and greet guests in a stylish manner. Decorating the venue with a specific style is a great way to make it a beautiful space to be enjoyed by guests, but can also help to tell your story as a couple.

A staple at many rustic weddings, bunting is one of the best decorations to use for pulling together the theme. Today, sassy wedding designs are used, with decor that makes a statement, which is a new trend. Most holidays are synonymous with specific colors and patterns, and this could eliminate a lot of the guesswork in the decorations for your wedding venue. By using colored glassware for wedding venue decorations, you can set the bar for the whole setup.

A perfect 2022 wedding decor idea which is all in vogue, particularly if yours is going to be a smaller wedding affair at night, at the edge of some enchanting beaches, table lamps would just do to set an atmosphere. Lighting is the key piece that’ll set your venue apart for the reception — of all of the best wedding decor ideas, this is one of our favorites. How you illuminate your indoor and/or outdoor spaces for a wedding reception sets the tone and mood of the whole night, which is why it is not surprising to see fairytale lighting on our list of 2022s best wedding trends. Event By C, the D.C.-based premier planning team, recently predicted lighting will be a major wedding trend in South Asia in the coming year.

Destination weddings, remote ceremonies, intimate events, DIY decor, expanding technology-driven themes such as portraiture, outdoor weddings, dried flowers, and more foliage are likely to dictate the bridal trends of 2022. From drag queen entertainment to Bridgton-inspired dresses, perfumed venues to sober-curious weddings, wedding trends for 2022 are keeping guest experiences front and center, while also speaking to couples’ shared passions. Changes are happening even within the wedding industry, with couples today looking for something extra – from wedding dresses to the setting of their venues, they simply want it all. In 2022, we are seeing the modern iteration of that trend, where smell, sight, and sound are used to immerse guests into a wedding experience across a venue and day.

Whether a smaller dining party, backyard barbecue, a spa day, a relaxed house party, karaoke, and cocktails at a private, rented room, or a staycation on Airbnb, the events leading up to a wedding are going to be slightly different in 2022. Whether decorated with fresh flowers, dried foliage, or left simple to create a modern, minimalist feel, these extra-no-frills pie displays are a beautiful centerpiece to any dining room, and we cannot wait to see more of these at actual weddings in 2022. Trestle tables are perfect for a more informal wedding, and they look oh-so-stylish if dressed up with silk or hessian runners and eclectic collections of floral centers – just take a look at this reception in Brixton East 1871, which has bags of style. You can use heavier fabrics such as these as your table runners, wedding lounge furniture, throws, or the ribbons on your invitations and place settings, fabrics are an excellent way of upping the ante with your decorations, and creating a romantic, intimate feel to the venue.