Interior Design Trends 2022

Interior Design Trends for 2022 are turning out to be the Instagram-worthy looks that you are sure to want to copy around the house. Before getting to the best interior design trends for 2022, when it comes to decorating your home, there are not really any hard-and-fast rules — except to do what makes you happy and resonates with your design style. With this in mind, I scouted the 2022 interior design trends and design styles to share with you. You will learn the hottest home styles, 2022 home decor trends, and color trends of the new year.

Read on to learn about other predictions about the trends for home decor and home styling, including kitchen design trends, furniture, living rooms, colors, and the home decor trends of Spring 2022. If you are looking for a quick refresh of your home, the living room trends of 2022 are a great starting point, and you never know, they may just inspire an entire remodel of your house. Feeling inspired with an airy season just around the corner, I asked several design experts their opinions about the best decor trends for summer 2022. You might have had these rose-tinted glasses for some of the last year’s biggest home decor trends last year — and plenty may still be living them up in your space while you read — but they had their moment, and it is now time to say TTFN to some seemingly classic looks, and hello instead to the best new 2022 home decor trends.

To determine which styles, colors, and materials we can expect to see more of in the coming years, we reached out to various interior designers and industry professionals for their expert insights. We spoke to trends experts and well-known designers to ask them for their predictions and insights into trends, reviewed and analyzed interior trends from last year, and juxtaposed these against the trends currently being searched on Google, Pinterest, retailers’ sites, and others. Since we have been spending so much time in the house, we thought of ways we could revamp our spaces using the latest trends. Our team has varying feelings on the idea of trends in design, but the fact is that our homes are always evolving, often reflecting what is going on around us.

The quest for comfort and stability drove a lot of our decorating and design choices in 2021, experts said, and those same themes will continue to drive interior design trends in 2022. In the light of architectural and design breakthroughs, we anticipate that interior design trends for 2022 will showcase elegant ideas around multifunctional rooms.

We are seeing the delicate blend of vintage, nature, and Zen elements on interior design trends for 2022. The focus on nature and sustainability continues to rise in the wake of interior trends in prior years.

Identified as a major trend in Pinterest Predicts 2022 report, the biophilic design seeks to bring the outdoors inside the home via natural materials, colors, and – of course – plants. The trend to bring a lot of nature into your home comes from a number of design experts, including Christopher Charles, the owner of Christopher Charles Interiors, as well as Paul Rochford and Michael Violante, principals behind V & R Interiors.

The greater outdoors has proven a wonderful inspiration for interior design and furnishings in the last year, and this sentiment of nature will continue to hold supremacy in 2022. Interior designer Andrea Rodman believes that people are weaving ample opportunities for both outdoor living and an outdoorsy feel into the design of their homes for 2022. Interior design trends for 2022 are not limited to touch and sight considerations: In the coming years, smells will be front and center, as people perfume various areas of their homes to set specific moods.

That is, designers, anticipate the growth of diverse profiles in 2022, giving every kitchen, powder room, or mudroom a sense of customization. Interior designer Arielle OKin views it with similar eyes, I am not a huge trends guy, but I am hoping that we begin to shift away from spaces that are completely grey and white, devoid of any kind of personality. I would like to see more spaces reflecting their owner’s quirks and passions over the coming year and the years after.

There is nothing like making a great first impression, and designers anticipate the entranceways of our homes–footnotes and mudrooms included–will receive plenty of love and attention over the coming year. For the past couple of years, designers have been pushing minimalistic designs as a way to achieve a serene home aesthetic, and that trend is resonating more now than ever. While the aesthetic is far removed from Livingetcs love for all things modern, Scandinavian, and minimal, it is undeniable that this interior trend is one that is comfortable, nostalgic, and homely — things that we are all craving a bit more of this year.

When I think of the trend, a Boho-styled space is usually what comes to mind; however, as you will see in the spaces below, curves and arches can be a classy, stylish addition to any home style. Not just herringbone floors, but a lot of geometric-patterned floors are making a comeback in home decor trends for 2022. In the new year, I anticipate seeing a lot of terracotta floors, but materials like cork are a good way to bring nature indoors.

Green, especially earthy, soft greens, is an enormous inspiration for designers in 2022, says color specialist Amy Wax. Paint companies including Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore, PPG, and others have named shades of green the biggest color trends of 2022, and designers such as Ginger Curtis, from the Texas-based Urbanology Designs Texas, say green is starting to overtake blue as the most popular color for decorating.

The new years color predictions showcase vibrant hues of colors such as yellow and pink that will make our homes feel cheery. The colors for The year 2022 selected and their complementary color palettes will make a wonderfully colored home. Now, we all like to have our meals served up in the familiar, rustic dining room, but for 2022, creating a real-life feel, one less distressed, more simplified, and cleaner is all that is needed.